Addiction Medicine Track Structure

Internal Medicine, Med-Peds, or Med-Psych residents apply for entrance to the track at the end of their intern year, with scheduled rotations and curricula starting in their PGY2 or PGY3 year. All AMT residents are scheduled for two key clinical experiences.

Longitudinal Sub-specialty Continuity Clinic

  • Each time AMT residents have a scheduled ambulatory month, they are scheduled for 3-5 clinic sessions with a UK First Bridge Clinic provider

  • Opportunity to build panel of patients on medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) in a supportive multi-disciplinary clinic environment

  • Graduated responsibility and independence in managing patients with opioid use disorder, coupled with expert clinical coaching

Inpatient Addiction Consultation Elective

  • One of the only inpatient addiction medicine services in the Southeast US and one of the busiest services in the country (daily census routinely >40)

  • Incredible patient complexity and social needs, reflective of the unique challenges of substance use disorder care in Appalachia