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Gastroenterology Core Content 


Large Bowel Disorders 

By Dr. Simmons


By Dr. Vick


Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis

By Dr. Santos

**Date Assigned: 7/12/2021**

Acute Decompensated Cirrhosis

By Dr. Santos

**Date Assigned: 1/19/2022**

Esophageal disorders

By Dr. Schuetz

**Date Assigned: 2/1/2022**

Approach to Jaundice

By Dr. Santos

**Date Assigned: 3/8/2022**


Evidence Based Cirrhosis

By Dr. Vick

**Date Assigned: 8/18/2020**

Approach to GI Bleed

By Dr. Bailey

**Date Assigned: 10/12/2021**

Dyspepsia/ PUD

By Dr. Craig

**Date Assigned: 2/01/2021**

Approach to Diarrhea

By Dr. Hall

**Date Assigned: 2/08/2021**

Large Bowel Disorders

By Dr. Simmons

**Date Assigned: 4/26/2021**

Biliary Disorders

By Dr. Deep

**Date Assigned: 5/10/2021**

Small Bowel Disorders

By Dr. Webb

**Date Assigned: 5/11/2021**

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