General Internal Medicine Core Content 


Crosscover Calls

By Dr. Gray

**Date Assigned: 7/13/2021**


**Date Assigned: 7/20/2021**


By Dr. Wimberly

**Date Assigned: 7/21/2021**

Intern IVF lecture

By Dr. Suarez

**Date Assigned: 8/2/2021**

Common Psych Disorders

By Dr. Bilbro

**Date Assigned: 8/19/2021**

Beast MSK

By Dr. Oller

**Date Assigned: 8/23/2021**


By Dr. Oller

**Date Assigned: 8/24/2021**


By Dr. Angela Webb

**Date Assigned: 8/31/2021**

Introduction to Palliative Care

By Dr. Cecil Peppiatt 

**Date Assigned: 9/2/2021**

Healthcare Maintenance

By Dr. A Webb

**Date Assigned: 9/9/2021**

BEAST - PrEP, HPV, COVID vaccines

By Drs. Oller, Schaeffner, & Rose

**Date Assigned: 9/30/2021**

Updates in Addiction Medicine

By Dr. Oller

**Date Assigned: 12/14/2021**

Knee Pain

By Dr. Kayser

**Date Assigned: 4/4/2022**

Approach to Weakness

By Dr. Deep

**Date Assigned: 4/7/2022**

Triaging the Struggling Resident

By Dr. Ragsdale

**Date Assigned: 4/14/2022**


Inpatient Pain Management

By Dr. Deep

**Date Assigned: 7/14/2020**

BEAST Primary CV Prevention

By Dr. Oller

**Date Assigned: 7/16/2020**

EBM Basics & Cupcakes

By Dr. Ragsdale

**Date Assigned: 7/22/2020**

Introduction to Palliative Care

By Dr. Peppiatt

**Date Assigned: 7/27/2020**

Approach to Weakness

By Dr. Deep

**Date Assigned: 7/31/2020**

BEAST: CKD, Bone Metabolism, Male and Female Urinary Symptoms 

By Drs. Oller, Zummer, Rose

**Date Assigned: 8/6/2020**


By Dr. Kate Wimberly

**Date Assigned: 8/24/2020**

Approach to the Red Eye

By Dr. Rebekah Huffman

**Date Assigned: 8/27/2020**

Psychiatry Review for Primary Care

By Dr. Derek Gilbert

**Date Assigned: 9/22/2020**

BEAST: Psychiatry

By Drs. Oller and Oros

**Date Assigned: 9/24/2020**

MSK: Knee Basics

By Dr. Kaiser

**Date Assigned: 10/15/2021**

Pain Management in Patients with Opioid Use Disorder

By Dr. Weaver and Dr. South

**Date Assigned: 10/26/2021**

Approach to Syncope

By Dr. Ragsdale

**Date Assigned: 11/04/2021**

Inpatient Geriatrics 

By Dr. Sweigart 

**Date Assigned: 11/05/2021**

Chronic Pain Management

By Dr. Deep

**Date Assigned: 11/24/2021**


By Dr. Thompson & Dr. Oller

**Date Assigned: 12/01/2021**

Perioperative Medicine

By Dr. Weaver

**Date Assigned: 1/13/2021**

Acute Abdomen

By Dr. Adkins

**Date Assigned: 1/27/2021**


By Dr. Tobin

**Date Assigned: 2/17/2021**

COVID Care in the Hospital

By Dr. Sweigart and Fletcher

**Date Assigned: 2/23/2021**

Skin Growths

By Dr Tobin

**Date Assigned: 3/10/2021**


By Dr Zummer, Thompson & Angileri

**Date Assigned: 5/272021**