General Internal Medicine Core Content 


Approach to Rashes 

Dr. Tobin

BEAST- Primary Care

Dr. Oller et. al



**Date Assigned: 7/20/2021**


By Dr. Wimberly

**Date Assigned: 7/21/2021**

Intern IVF lecture

By Dr. Suarez

**Date Assigned: 8/2/2021**

Common Psych Disorders

By Dr. Bilbro

**Date Assigned: 8/19/2021**

Beast MSK

By Dr. Oller

**Date Assigned: 8/23/2021**


By Dr. Oller

**Date Assigned: 8/24/2021**


By Dr. Angela Webb

**Date Assigned: 8/31/2021**

Introduction to Palliative Care

By Dr. Cecil Peppiatt 

**Date Assigned: 9/2/2021**

Healthcare Maintenance

By Dr. A Webb

**Date Assigned: 9/9/2021**

BEAST - PrEP, HPV, COVID vaccines

By Drs. Oller, Schaeffner, & Rose

**Date Assigned: 9/30/2021**

Updates in Addiction Medicine

By Dr. Oller

**Date Assigned: 12/14/2021**

Knee Pain

By Dr. Kayser

**Date Assigned: 4/4/2022**

Approach to Weakness

By Dr. Deep

**Date Assigned: 4/7/2022**

Triaging the Struggling Resident

By Dr. Ragsdale

**Date Assigned: 4/14/2022**


Approach to Weakness

By Dr. Deep

BEAST Primary Prevention CAD

By Dr. Oller


By Dr. Ragsdale

Intro to Palliative Care

By Dr. Peppiatt

Approach to Weakness

By Dr. Deep

BEAST: CKD, Bone Metabolism, Male and Female Urinary Symptoms 

By Drs. Oller, Zummer, Rose


By Dr. Kate Wimberly

Approach to the Red Eye

By Dr. Rebekah Huffman

Psychiatry Review for Primary Care

By Dr. Derek Gilbert

BEAST: Psychiatry

By Drs. Oller and Oros

MSK: Knee Basics

By Dr. Kaiser

Pain Management in Patients with Opioid Use Disorder

By Dr. Weaver and Dr. South

Approach to Syncope

By Dr. Ragsdale

Inpatient Geriatrics 

By Dr. Sweigart 

Chronic Pain Management

By Dr. Deep


By Dr. Thompson & Dr. Oller

Perioperative Medicine

By Dr. Weaver

Acute Abdomen

By Dr. Adkins


By Dr. Tobin

COVID Care in the Hospital

By Dr. Sweigart and Fletcher

Skin Growths

By Dr Tobin


By Dr Zummer, Thompson & Angileri