Cardiology Core Content 


Atrial Fibrillation

By Dr. Fry

Valvular Heart Disease

By Dr. Banerjee


Approach to Heart Failure

By Dr. Gupta

**Date Assigned: 9/15/2021**


By Dr. Fry

**Date Assigned: 11/2/2021**

VTE Part One

By Dr. Cherry

**Date Assigned: 1/12/2022**

Stable CAD

By Dr. Dewaswala

**Date Assigned: 2/24/2022**

Women's Heart Health

By Dr. Klinger

**Date Assigned: 3/29/2022**


Approach to Heart Failure

By Dr. Gupta

**Date Assigned: 7/23/2020**

Atrial Fibrillation

By Dr. Kauh

**Date Assigned: 8/11/2020**

STEMI & MI Complications

By Dr. Sinner

**Date Assigned: 9/30/2020**

Stable Coronary Artery Disease

By Dr. Hillerson

**Date Assigned: 12/2/2020**

Approach to Palpitations

By Drs. Fry and Gupta

**Date Assigned: 1/14/2020**

ECG Basics Part 1

By Dr Gupta

**Date Assigned: 1/18/2020**

Approach to Chest Pain

By Dr Gupta

**Date Assigned: 1/21/2020**

Pericardial Disease

By Dr. Andress

**Date Assigned: 3/15/2021**

Multimodality Imaging in Ischemic Heart Disease

By Dr. Gupta

**Date Assigned: 3/25/2021**

Valvular Heart Disease 

By Dr. Leung

**Date Assigned:4/20/2021**

ECG Powerpoint