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Follow the links below for information on questions we often get asked. Don't hesitate to reach out to any of us if you have more questions!

Learn how to plan for all exams during residency: Step 3, the ITE, and your ABIM board exam.

Find answers to your questions about vacations, holidays worked, extended leave/FMLA, and terminal leave.

Find information about coverage for attending academic meetings/conferences, poster printing, and expense reimbursement. 

What you need to know about maintaining your VA access, and what to do if you lose it.

Refresh your memory on who to ask about what when it comes to our educational staff & program coordinators.

Follow this link to go to our conference credit breakdown page.

This is your go-to for research resources. Check out a timeline of major national/regional conferences, examples of clinical vignettes and find the UK poster template here.

Apply for protected research time using this form. Projects must be approved by IRB and Dr. Deep. Submit completed form with all three signatures to clinic chief.

The rest of it... Moonlighting, Jury duty, Education verification, GME loan forgiveness, Exit paperwork, and ACLS information.

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