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House Cup Logo.png

Welcome to our House Cup! This is our annual (friendly) competition where Houses battle for the grand prize: a giant WWE belt AND year-long bragging rights. We are proud to have four Houses, each named after famous Triple Crown winning horses. 

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Our Houses

Emblem Affirmed.png

Affirmed is known for his infamous rivalry with Alydar, signified by the battling chess pieces and crossed swords on this House’s emblem. House Affirmed represents valiance, vehemence, and unwavering loyalty. 

Emblem Justify.png

It’s all in the name: House Justify represents honor, justice, and utmost integrity. The justice hands in this House’s emblems signify this House’s ongoing fight for all things right.

Emblem Omaha.png

Omaha followed in the hoof-steps of his father, Gallant Fox, also a Triple Crown winner. This House’s celtic symbol for father & son reflects their strong sense of family and community. The solar flames reflect their passion and resolve, and also allude to this horse’s trainer (named Sunny).

Emblem Whirlaway.png

Whirlaway originates from the famous Calumet Farms – which are named after the ancient Native American Calumet pipe found in this House’s emblem. The emblem also shows Whirlaway racing to the finish line leaving his opponents in a ‘whirl’ of blue flames and smoke, signifying this House’s tenacity and relentless drive towards victory.

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