Pulmonary and Critical Care Core Content 

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

By Dr. Cole

**Date Assigned: 8/20/2020**

Sepsis: updates in management

By Dr. Coz

**Date Assigned: 9/2/2020**

Approach to Hypoxia

By Dr. Morehead

**Date Assigned: 9/3/2020**

Chest Imaging: CXR and CT

By Dr. Kalani 

**Date Assigned: 11/9/2020**

CT Chest and ILD

By Dr. Kalani 

**Date Assigned: 11/10/2020**


By Dr. Coz

**Date Assigned: 3/3/2021**

Atypical Lung Infections

By Dr. Sen

**Date Assigned: 3/4/2021**

Complicated Lung Infections

By Dr. Chaaban

**Date Assigned: 3/8/2021**

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